Food Industry

Better Designed. Longer Lasting. Less Expensive.

Not all wire mesh conveyor belts are created equally. At Wire-Mesh Products, we put the same care into making our belts that you put into making your products.

Wire-Mesh Products engineers and manufactures chain, friction and sprocket driven belts. Our wire mesh designs provide long-term reliability, reduce maintenance costs and are easy to clean.

When investing in a conveyor belt, you also invest in the conveyor belt company.

Best-in-Class Products, Engineering and Manufacturing

Chain Belts:

  • Engineer the proper belt for the application (strength, cleanliness, ease of maintenance and product requirements)
  • Use only quality, engineered chain
  • Review equipment layout to ensure optimum belt environment

Friction Drive/Sprocket Belts:

  • Manufactured to minimize stretch
  • Precise fit with sprocket
  • Improved tracking with ‘square-belt’ manufacturing

food industry

Industry Commitment

Wire-Mesh Products, Inc. is a proud member of the Snack Food Association (SFA) as well as a SNAXPO Exhibitor.

Snack Food Association (SFA)  Snaxpo 2015

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