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Low Profile Spiral

WMP has re-engineered its core manufacturing processes to reduce down-time and improve output capabilities. From initial tool manufacture to belt completion, WMP adheres to a strict quality assurance program to guarantee the finest manufacturing performance. A primary distinction of the manufacturing process begins with the weaving tool engineering. Due to improved technology and specialized heat treating, WMP is able to produce the thinnest and most precise belt specifications in the industry.

The ordinary thick spiral WMP Spiral Benefits
The ordinary thick spiral WMP Spiral
  • Less Stretch
  • Less Splicing
  • Minimize Initial Camber
  • Improved Tracking
  • Greater Overall Belt Life

Part Number Explanation – Example: B-36-15-8-10

belt design

Balanced Weave Spiral Design Belt Design
36 openings per foot of width No. of openings per foot of Width
15 full spirals per foot of length No. of full spirals per foot of Length
8 gauge (.162″) cross rods Wire Gauge** – Connecting Crimp/Rod
10 gauge (.135″) spirals Wire Gauge** – Spiral

* * Note: One number used if both connector and spiral gauge are the same, i.e. B-36-15-10

Balanced part number explanation
Double Balanced
Rod Reinforced
Compound Balance


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