Wire-Mesh Products, Inc. Selected by Grupo ETSA to Replace Belts

Wire-Mesh Products, Inc. Selected by Grupo ETSA to Replace Belts

Mexico’s largest commercial heat treater, Grupo ETSA, chose Wire Mesh Products of York, PA, USA to replace the belting in ETSA’s state-of-the-art continuous belt furnaces. Grupo ETSA has been heat treating parts for 35 years, and holds ISO 9001-2000, TS 16949-2002 and CQ1 9 certifications. ETSA has a wide range of heat treat processes and an experienced engineering staff specializing in engineering solutions to metallurgical issues.

Wire Mesh Products’ belts of various weaves will replace ETSA’s existing transfer conveyor, draw furnace, oil quench, hardening furnace, and pre-wash belts. A continuous heat treat line requires different mesh specifications for each line component. ETSA’s choice was based on Wire Mesh Products’ ability to meet specific belt demands. Wire Mesh was able to provide a variety of designs to fulfill ETSA’s requirements. Solutions included Wire Mesh’s signature Heavy Duty CB3 tight weave. ETSA also selected a proprietary alloy that extends belt service life even in the most strenuous of environments.

Gerardo Garcia, Furnace Engineering Manager, of Grupo ETSA stated: “In my 5 years with ETSA and over 25 total years of heat treating, I have compared all belt manufacturers and am convinced Wire Mesh Products belts are the best in the industry. Belts from Wire Mesh Products minimize furnace downtime and keep us running and making parts. We are excited about continuing our relationship and installing the new belts Wire Mesh Products is providing.”

About Wire-Mesh PRODUCTS, INC.

Wire-Mesh Products, Inc. (WMP) is one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of wire mesh conveyor belts.  Based in York, PA, WMP employs over 60 people and sells worldwide to a multitude of industries. Following the tradition of its founder John F. Enright III, WMP works closely with each customer to analyze specific furnace belting needs. Drawing upon numerous case studies, WMP has the ability to combine both theoretical analysis and practical experience in determining the best belting solution.

To learn more, call 717-848-3620 or visit www.wire-mesh.com.

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