Wire-Mesh Products has developed a wealth of knowledge over our many years in business. This knowledge base, combined with our core competencies of engineering, alloy specialization, belt recommendation and manufacturing enable WMP to provide “best-in-class” products and services to its customers.

Regional Sales Representation

Wire-Mesh Products still believes in the old fashioned business practice of face-to face meetings and getting to know our customers on an individual basis. By visiting your facility, our team of dedicated sales professionals can best determine your needs. Our sales team has over 100 years of combined experience.

Belt Engineering

Wire-Mesh Products can review your application parameters and custom engineer the right belt for your process.  Many belts supplied on original equipment can be fine-tuned and changed to better meet your process requirements.

Field Service/Equipment Upgrade

To further streamline your successful operation, our dependable field service team is available to answer questions on-site and help resolve any issues related to your belt and/or equipment such as belt tracking or furnace issues.

Scrap Return

In addition to providing the most cost-effective belt solutions, Wire-Mesh Products further stretches your operating budget with our “Scrap Buy-Back Program.” Simply return your used belts or other alloy scrap for credit towards new and future belt orders. 

Dedicated Professionals

We are here for you. From belt engineering and troubleshooting to recommendations and assistance with installing equipment upgrades, you can depend on the dedicated professionals on our Wire-Mesh Products team. 

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