Wire-Mesh Products (WMP) is one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of wire mesh belts.  Based in York, PA, WMP employs over 60 people and sells worldwide to a multitude of industries. Following the tradition of its founder John F. Enright III, WMP works closely with each customer to analyze specific furnace belting needs. Drawing upon numerous case studies, WMP has the ability to combine both theoretical analysis and practical experience in determining the best belting solution.

Early 1970’s
Wire-Mesh Products is founded by John Enright & Frank Mincarelli and begins manufacturing in a small, leased space with two weaving machines in York, PA.
Wire-Mesh Products moves to current York, PA location.
Increased manufacturing capabilities with four weaving machines and two welding tables.
Frank Mincarelli retires and Scott Devers is promoted to Purchasing Manager.
John Enright hires his sons-in-law Dustin Carl and Richard Riva.
WMP experiences significant growth and operates with nine weaving machines and four welding tables.
Mid 2007
Dustin Carl & Richard Riva purchase Wire-Mesh Products after the passing of its founder, John Enright.
Scott Devers is promoted to Vice President Purchasing.
WMP surpasses sales expectations and operates with thirteen weaving machines and five welding tables.
WMP is now a second generation company, leading the industry in belt engineering and customer relationship management.