High-Temperature Industrial Conveyor Belt

At Wire-Mesh Products, our high-temperature heat treat conveyor belts track straighter, resist belt carburization better, and provide for an overall longer lasting belt when compared to the competition. Some of our belts have even been given nicknames like “The Super Belt”. Will your belt be the next ‘Super Belt’? Let us make it happen.

B-40-10-8-10 product example.

Powder Metal

B-18-15-12 product example.


DB-30-10-8-10 product example.

Copper Brazing

CB-3-30-56-12-14 product example.

Heat Treat

CTB-30-24-16 product example.


CB-3-96-186-21-23 product example.

Spring Manufacturing

Do you want to increase your belt life by 10, 20, or even 100%?

Does your current supplier offer you alternatives to increase your belt life and decrease your belting costs? At Wire-Mesh Products, we have demonstrated the ability to increase belt life by 100% — a 50% cost savings! Go ahead, test us and see for yourself!

Wire-Mesh Products has over 100 years combined experience in the design and manufacturing of wire belts. We have spoken at numerous MPIF seminars and are frequently consulted by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to not only engineer the proper belt for their ovens, but to also provide suggestions on the furnace layout.

An additional distinction begins in our manufacturing process with the weaving tool engineering. Due to improved technology and specialized heat treating, Wire-Mesh Products is able to produce the thinnest and most precise belt specifications in the industry.

The Results

  • Less Stretch
  • Less Splicing
  • Minimize Initial Camber
  • Improved Tracking
  • Greater Overall Belt Life

Learn How Wire-Mesh Can Increase The Life Of Your Belts

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