Custom Edge Design Options

Why Choose Custom Conveyor Belts & Edge Designs?

Every conveyor system design is unique and every piece matters.

Wire-Mesh Products has over 100 years of combined professional experience supplying customers with high-quality belts.

Explore Our Mesh Edge Options

The edge designs below are the most commonly used.

Edge example for types of mesh.

Heli Arc Welded Edge

  • Spiral loop end is welded to the connecting rod or crimp.
Edge example for types of mesh.

Truss Edge

  • Spiral loop is trimmed longer than that in the heli-arc welded format and then bent down to itself and welded in place.
  • The connecting rod or crimp is also welded to the spiral finishing off this stronger “Truss” configuration.
Edge example for types of mesh.

Knuckle & Welded Edge

  • Only used with Double Balanced Weave meshes, creating a strong finished edge.

Explore Our Belt Retaining Edge Options

The following are our retaining edge options for wire-mesh conveyor belts.

Cast Edge plate example.

Cast Leg Insert Plate

  • A solid one-piece alloy construction retaining edge.
  • Available in a variety of heights and widths.
  • Inserted into a spiral so that the plate won’t be negatively affected by belt stretch.
Wicket Edge Example.


  • A basic upside-down “U-shaped” barrier is formed via one-piece wire construction.
  • Available in a wide range of heights (limited to widths based on the belt).
  • Inserted into a spiral or formed from the belt connecting the rod itself.
  • Provides a limited retaining edge functionality (not useful for smaller parts).
  • Low-cost option.
Side plate b product example.

Top Mounted Plate

  • A solid barrier option is welded to the belt topside.
  • Available in a range of heights and widths.
  • Either one solid cast piece or fabricated one or two-piece construction.
Balanced-Tue_B conveyor belt example with high edges.

Turned Up Edge

  • A retaining edge is formed by the belt itself.
  • Available in a range of heights.
  • We offer a wide range of tailored options to make this option work for you.
  • Limits belt flexibility in open and reverse bend directions.

You know what your business goals are. We know what your conveyor belt needs to achieve them.

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or are interested in discussing your options, our team can create a conveyor belt edge design for any industrial process.

Please call or email us to learn how we can solve your complex belt issues and provide the perfect custom edge design to meet your needs.