High-Temperature Heat Treat Conveyor Belts

Can Your Belt Top 21 Months of Belt Life?

At Wire-Mesh Products, our high-temperature heat treat conveyor belts track straighter, resist belt carburization better, and provide for an overall longer lasting belt when compared to the competition.

Our belts have even been given nicknames like “The Super Belt,” with belt life of up to 21 months (hearth) and 5 years (roller hearth).

heat treat 01  heat treat 02

In my 5 years with my current company and over 25 total years of heat treating, I have compared all belt manufacturers and am convinced Wire Mesh Products belts are the best in the industry. Belts from Wire Mesh Products minimize furnace downtime and keep us running and making parts. We are excited about continuing our relationship and installing the new belts Wire Mesh Products is providing.
Furnace Engineering Manager

How Do We Do It?

Wire-Mesh Products has over 50 years combined experience in the design and manufacturing of wire belts. One particular area of expertise is in alloy selection. In fact, Wire-Mesh Products has developed a proprietary material used in the heat treat industry known as 35-19Cb Refined Chemistry. This alloy formula takes the standard 35-19Cb and places certain limitations on key elements that are vital to improving overall belt life. Numerous field tests proved that the alloy delivered better results than the standard 35-19Cb.

The resulting alloy has shown significant improvement in the areas of carburization resistance and creep strength — leading to longer belt life and higher furnace output.

  1. Superior Manufacturing
    To take full advantage of the 35-19Cb Refined Chemistry, Wire-Mesh Products takes great care in the ‘weaving’ of every belt to specification, otherwise, the many advantages of the Refined Chemistry would be severely diminished.
  2. Field Service Team
    On-site help is available for the following:

    • Belt tracking
    • Belt installations
    • Furnace troubleshooting
    • Failure analysis and belt re-engineering
  3. Custom Belt Components
    • Wire
    • Flexplates
    • Flights
    • Chain
    • Edges

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