2016: A Great Year for Wire Mesh Products

2016: A Great Year for Wire Mesh Products

Wire Mesh Products had an amazing year! Our growth continues, both here in the US and worldwide. More and more customers are recognizing our world class service, engineering capabilities and product performance. If you have entrusted us with your business, thank you for your confidence in our company. If we have yet to win your trust, we will work harder to understand your business challenges as it relates to wire mesh belts and how we can provide value to your organization. We thought we would share two success stories from 2016, one from a first time customer and one from a customer who returned to the Wire-Mesh family.

A Midwest automotive parts manufacturer contacted Wire Mesh Products as they were dissatisfied with their belt performance and were looking for an alternate supplier. After reviewing their operating parameters, Wire-Mesh proposed an improved mesh specification manufactured with their low spiral profile design. After testing, the manufacturer discovered that our belts stretched less than the competition’s. Maintenance personnel were very happy! Additionally, the belt kept its width better allowing for better product throughput. Thanks to the better lifespan of our belt and the improved performance, we’ve been granted additional projects with this company and have received more of their business.

A Northeast food manufacturer called Wire-Mesh Products in an emergency situation. Although we had lost the business for several years to a low cost competitor, we were still willing to help out an old customer. After a visit on a Sunday by our engineering team, our customer thanked us for coming in and said he would no longer buy “cheap” belts anymore. He wanted a product that would last and that he wouldn’t have to constantly repair. It turned out that while the upfront costs from our competition were initially attractive to the engineer/buyer, they ultimately proved more costly as the belt components wore down rapidly.

Wire Mesh Products has been around for over 40 years producing top quality products in the wire mesh industry. We are proud to be a second generation family business with over 750 satisfied customers. To speak to any of our professional representatives, please contact us here so we can get to work for you!

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