ToughSert logo with patent #10,308,432.

You have belt headaches. ToughSert is the cure.

Wire-Mesh Products makes the strongest, most durable belts in the industry, and we’ve gone even further with ToughSert, a patented enhancement added to compatible Wire-Mesh products which will improve your overall belt life. We’ve spent decades analyzing failed belt sections and specifically three years diving deep into potential solutions for our customers, resulting in the development and invention of our new patented ToughSert enhancement.

Edge example for types of mesh with ToughSert.
Mesh with ToughSert product enhancement inserted inside mesh.
Example of a belt with and without the ToughSert enhancement.
ToughSert side view.
Belt example with and without the ToughSert enhancement.

Features Of ToughSert

  • Significantly delays belt splitting
  • Affordable
  • Easier splice connections
  • Increases furnace throughput
  • Less stretch
  • Less camber
  • More oven uptime

If your belt operation includes high-temperature environments, you know all too well that belts may eventually split. The ToughSert enhancement is designed to delay belt splitting, extending the life of your belts. Our patent (U.S. Patent No. 10,308,432) covers almost any shape and material allowing Wire-Mesh to customize the perfect solution for each unique customer need.

ToughSert Patent for Wire-Mesh Products, Inc.

ToughSert In Action

ToughSert has been successfully used by Wire-Mesh Products clients since its invention, resulting in significantly longer belt life and cost reductions. The images below show the ‘s’ piece that is inserted into the belt to enhance performance.

ToughSert in action 1 ToughSert in action 2

In this client example, you can see that we originally placed the ToughSert every second spiral. The ToughSert works over time to resist camber while increasing the ability to shorten the belt easily. Through ample testing, Wire-Mesh Products worked with our client to determine that placing the ToughSerts every fourth section resulted in a substantial increase in belt life while keeping the price economical.

Maximize Your Furnace Output And Help Your Maintenance Team. See How ToughSert Can Improve Your Current Belt Solution.