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Flat Wire Conveyor Belt Options

Flat Wire Conveyor Belts are robust high strength open style flat strip belting connected with a straight rod. The open style creates great air flow and drainage. These belts are easy to clean. Available in various materials and openings – most notably 1/2×1/2, 1/2×1 and 1×1 specifications and either standard or heavy duty with clinched or welded selvage. Typical applications include fertilizer, breading, cleaning, drying, packaging, baking, freezing and transferring conveyors. We also provide the sprockets that drive these belts.

½ x 1 HD


½ x 1 SD


½ x ½


Flat Flex Belting

Flat Flex is the lightest weight, open area, economical, and thinnest positive drive wire conveyor belt in the industry. Commonly used in breading, coating, and cooling and washing applications, this belting is USDA accepted and is extremely easy to clean!

  • Opening sizes range from ⅛” to ¾” pitch
  • Available options include:
  • Variety of drive sprockets and blanks
  • 90° / 180° turn belting
  • Flights
  • Additionally, this belt is USDA Accepted and is extremely easy to clean!



Rod Belts

Rod belting is low cost, sprocket driven, open style, low maintenance and easy to clean. The belting is available in widths from 6” to 48”. It is made of 304SS in 5 gauge (3/4” pitch), 7 gauge (5/8” pitch) and 9 gauge (1/2” pitch). Typical applications include cooling lines for ovens and washing operations.

Sanigrid product example.

Positive Drive Components

Sprocket and pinwheel example.

Shafting and Sprocket

Sprocket examples for a conveyor belt.

Flat Wire Sprockets


Flat Flex Sprockets

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