Balanced Weave Belt

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Balanced weave belts are the predominant choice in the conveyor belt industry. They are used in a variety of industries and they are our most versatile design. Balanced weave belts are a series of left and right-hand wire mesh spirals joined by a connecting rod or crimped rod.










Flattened Wire

WMP has the manufacturing capabilities to flatten round wire to provide a wider smooth surface spiral. Our crimp connector is specifically designed to match the flattened spiral to provide a true tracking belt. The flattened surface closes the opening, provides product stability and is ideal for scrapers to peel off the product. Did you ever see the “toast points” on the bottom of your favorite chip, pretzel or sandwich roll? Those markings are from the top surface of the wire belt and many customers like the wider surface of flattened round wire.





Some balanced weave belts are positively driven by a sprocket or a pinroll. Balanced weave belts can be manufactured to match new or existing pinrolls and are available in a wide range of specifications.

Sprocket Driven Balanced Weave Mesh Belt

Our precision manufactured balanced weave belting is the perfect fit for lightweight applications in temperatures under 190°F. Our team of experienced belt manufacturers can match any sprocket, pinroll, or sample sprocket or belt provided.

Sprocket and pinroll driven belts provide you the advantage of having a smaller diameter sprocket with teeth that prevents slipping and is positive driven for great tracking.





Pinroll Driven Balanced Weave Mesh Belt

Precision manufactured balanced weave belting for lightweight applications and in temperatures under 190 degrees F. Wire-Mesh Products has the tooling and engineering to match any sprocket, pinroll or belt provided. We produce these belts in high carbon, 430ss, 304ss or 316ss in round wire or flattened wire.


PB-60-60-18 & sprocket

Edge Designs

Edge example for types of mesh.

Heli Arc Welded Edge

Edge example for types of mesh.

Special Truss Edge

Edge example for types of mesh.

Knuckled & Welded Edge

Positive Drive Components

Sprocket and pinwheel example.

Shafting and Sprocket

Hayman PB Sprockets.

PB Sprockets

Hayman CTB Sprockets.

Precision Sprockets

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