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Want LESS Stretch, Splicing, Camber and Downtime? Want MORE Throughput and money in your pocket? Meet ToughBelt.

Our proprietary, advanced-tooling, customized-weaving process delivers the optimum ratio of wire diameter to belt geometry to provide the strongest, longest-lasting belts in a range of belting categories. In fact, ToughBelt performed more than 15% better than industry standard belts.

Tested again, and again, and again.

ToughBelt results of heat and pull test. Graph showing ToughBelt pull test was stronger than the industry-standard belt.

For three years we conducted hundreds of pull tests in temperatures ranging from 1,600–2,050 degrees Fahrenheit, under the watchful eye of Marshall F. Coyle, Ph.D., P.E., associate professor of engineering at Penn State University. (That’s Ph.D., as in “Doctor.” Which means he’s really smart. Not that we’re still bragging.)

Extend The Life Of Your Belt With ToughBelt

ToughBelt allows your overall cost of doing business to go down. If you’d like to find out how ToughBelt can make your operation more productive, call us. We promise not to boast. Too much.

Let Us Help Extend The Life Of Your Current Belt.
Better Yet, Let Us Design And Manufacture A Shiny New One!