How To Measure A Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

It’s not often that you need to replace a wire mesh conveyor belt, so when it comes time to order a new one, Wire-Mesh Products (WMP) can help you make it easy. Here we will share our insider “Belt 101” tips. Ready? Go ahead and grab your tape measure….

When placing an order, we will ask you about your current belt design. You can identify your belt design by finding your part number. The first letter of your part number may be a “B” (balanced), “DB” (double balanced), or “CB” (compound balanced). These are the most popular types of friction drive belts.

Measure Your Wire Conveyor Belt

Whichever wire conveyor belt design you have, start by measuring its length and width. For a balanced or double balanced weave belt, measure the spirals across the width and down the length. Next, measure the connecting rod wire diameter (distance across) followed by the spiral wire diameter. Match the decimal size in inches to the wire gauge equivalent. Last, select your special edge type (i.e., regular or special truss).

When measuring for a compound balanced weave belt, we’ll take it one step further. Follow the same instructions we just noted and then count how many rods it takes to disconnect. This is the main information you will need to place an order. Feel free to print this off to help you place your order, and note it for future orders.


Wire conveyor belt


Wire conveyor belt


  • Less Stretch
  • Less Splicing
  • Minimize Initial Camber
  • Improved Tracking
  • Greater Overall Belt Life

Wire Conveyor Belt Ordering Information

(Diagrammed visual aids available on our website)


_____ Belt design (i.e., B, DB, or CB)

_____ Length

_____ Width

_____ Spirals across the width in 12”

_____ Spirals down the length in 12”

_____ Connecting rod wire diameter

_____ Spiral wire diameter

_____ Special edge type

_____ (CB only) How many rods it takes to connect

However your belt is used, from the food service industry to heat treating, it is important to know how to place the correct order. It can be confusing, but we are here to help. After all, we know “A  belt is not just a belt.”TM

WMP Will Buy Your Old Belt!

Don’t forget about our scrap buy-back program. All you have to do is return your used belts, and you will receive credit toward new or future belt orders.

Save time and headaches by using our handy measurement guide to help you when replacing your wire conveyor belts. When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact one of the professionals on the Wire-Mesh Products team at (717) 848-3620 or email us at

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